For most people, buying a franchise is a major investment and major life decision.  At FranchiseComplaints.org we understand how important it is to conduct thorough due diligence on franchise opportunities prior to investing in one.  However finding reliable and accurate information on franchisors and franchises can be difficult. This is why we developed our Franchise Investigation & Due Diligence Service. Let our experienced team of franchise consultants and due diligence experts do the legwork for you!

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Get our detailed due diligence report for important information to review before buying a franchise unit or investing in a franchise system.

Lawsuit & Litigation History

Prospective franchise investors should regard franchises that are involved in a large number of lawsuits with extreme caution.  This is especially true when the lawsuits involve current or former franchisees. Our Franchise Due Diligence Report includes details any lawsuits and litigation issues involving the franchise system.

Business Background of Executives

Learn about the professional experience of the executives of the franchising company.  Find out about the background of Board of Directory members, franchise CEOs, CFOs, etc.

Franchise Financial Statements

View the audited financial statements of the franchising company. This detailed financial report will gives prospective franchisees a complete picture of the financial health of the franchisor before investing in a business opportunity.

Documents, Contracts & Agreements

You’ll receive a collection of all agreements and contracts required by the franchisor (includes franchise agreement, location/territory agreements, distribution agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc.)

Franchise Complaints Report

Using our custom franchise complaints search engine we identify and review franchisee complaints that have been posted on the internet.  We’ll gather franchise comments and discussions pertaining to the franchise investment opportunity on which you’re conducting due diligence.

List of Franchise Owners’ Contact Details

Get a complete list of current franchisees and certain former franchise owners.  This report includes contact details such as phone numbers, full mailing addresses and emails, of state administrators and franchise owners that are in or have been in the franchise system.

Financial Performance Representations

A Financial Performance Representation Report include any mention of potential earning made to prospective franchisees by (sales) representatives with the franchise system. A FRP details all oral, video or visual representation that states or suggests a specific level or range of actual or potential sales, income, gross or net profits, or “break-even” figures.

Franchisor’s Costs & Source of Funds

See a breakdown of the costs incurred by the company offering the franchise for sale (i.e. the franchisor) and the franchisor’s source of funds.