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Franchise Resources for your sales enablement purposes, ongoing research & due diligence of franchises and business opportunities

At Franchise Complaints, we’ve made it our aim to obtain and offer our clients the most accurate and up-to-date information on franchises for sale, franchise owners and franchise agreements.

Below you’ll find a list of useful web pages and resources for researching franchise opportunities and franchisors. We’re constantly updating it with new sites and tools that are accurate, informative and/or otherwise serves to aid the prospective franchisee in researching franchises to buy.  If you know of a good web page, site, app or other resource that would help entrepreneurs research franchises and it’s not featured below, be sure to drop us a line here so that we can consider it for inclusion.

FTC Franchise Rule – The Franchise Rule gives prospective purchasers of franchises the material information they need in order to weigh the risks and benefits of such an investment. The Rule requires franchisors to provide all potential franchisees with a disclosure document containing 23 specific items of information about the offered franchise, its officers, and other franchisees.

Franchise Fraud – Information and resources on the topic of fraud in the franchise industry –

Buying a Janitorial Service Franchise – Tips for prospective franchisees of Janitorial Service franchises.  What to look for when you research Janitorial Services franchises to buy – (a project of the National Consumers League) – is a consumer advocacy website that is meant to assist in the FTC’s effort to protect consumers from scams and fraud.  Visit to learn more.

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