Code Ninjas Franchise Due Diligence Report


Code Ninjas Franchise Due Diligence + FDD Report

Get the inside scoop on Code Ninjas franchise opportunities with our most comprehensive . Our Code Ninjas Franchise Due Diligence Report gives you access to custom research report on franchises, put together by franchise research experts. Get access to all the information you need to make an educated decision about buying a Code Ninjas.

is Code Ninjas a Good Franchise to Own?

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Code Ninja Franchise Information Review

Code Ninja learning centers are Children’s services franchises that help kids learn to code through a unique game-based curriculum that teaches teamwork, logic, math, and problem solving, allowing children enrolled in a Code Ninja franchise to gain vital skills while having an amazing time.

What type of programs do Code Ninja franchises offer children?

As a Code Ninja franchise owner your Code Ninja learning center will offer children a wide variety of fun and entertaining ways to learn through the following types of programs.

  • DOJO 2 GO

What’s included in the Code Ninjas Franchise Due Diligence Report?

Each Franchise Due Diligence Report involves custom research on and a complete investigation of the franchise opportunity and Code Ninjas LLC, the franchisor that offers franchised businesses for sale. Our Franchise Due Diligence Report is designed to provide prospective franchisees all the information they need. Let our experienced franchise experts take the legwork out of buying a franchise and save you countless hours searching online for information about Code Ninjas LLC and the Code Ninja franchise opportunity.

Code Ninjas franchise lawsuit research & litigation history

Our franchise due diligence service includes a detailed report of Code Ninjas LLC lawsuits, bankruptcies and other court documentation involving the Code Ninjas or Code Ninjas LLC.

Code Ninjas Financial Performance Representation Report

Information on earnings claims made to prospective Code Ninjas franchisees in advertisements and by sales representatives. A FRP includes any audio, video or visual representation that states or suggests a specific level or range of actual or potential sales, income, gross or net profits, or “break-even” figures.

Code Ninjas Franchisee List

Names, phone numbers, and addresses of current and former Code Ninjas franchisees. This list can be a huge help when trying to collect accurate testimonials and reviews of a franchise opportunity. Ask real Code Ninjas franchisees what it’s like to own the business and ask if they’d recommend it.

Online complaints history and review

We use an online complaints research tool to find any and all bad reviews that have been submitted online about the franchised business opportunity and franchisor.

Executive History & Business Background of Code Ninjas Franchise System

A detailed look at the business experience of key employees and executives working at the Code Ninja franchising company.

Code Ninjas success rate by franchisee and location

How often are Code Ninjas franchise owners successful? Get data on the success rate of Code Ninjas franchisees.

Franchise Registry approval status

A franchises franchise registry approval status is another good indicator of a franchise system’s financial well-being. Let us check Code Ninjas franchise registry approval status and show you how it stacks up to competitors.

Code Ninjas Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Document History

PDF copies of the complete Code Ninjas franchise agreement, operations manual and other important contracts and training materials.

Code Ninjas Franchisor’s Costs & Source of Funds

A look at the costs of the franchising company and the source of the franchisor’s capital funds.

Code Ninjas Audited Code Ninjas Financial Statements

View an audited financials for Code Ninjas franchises. Franchise financial statements provide insight into the financial health of the franchising company and franchise system.