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Franchise OpportunityDUNKIN’ DONUTS
Document TypeFranchise Disclosure Document
Franchise CategoryFood/Restaurants
SubcategoryFast Food
Investment Level

$100,920 to $1,530,050

FDD Table of Contents


The Franchisor, and Any Parents, Predecessors and Affiliates 6

Business Experience 12

Litigation 16

Bankruptcy 28

Initial Fees 29

Other Fees 34

Estimated Initial Investment 41

Restrictions on Sources of Products and Services 50

Franchisee’s Obligations 53

Financing 58

Franchisor’s Assistance, Advertising, Computer Systems and Training 64

Territory 77

Trademarks 79

Patents, Copyrights, and Proprietary Information 80

Obligation to Participate in the Actual Operation of the Franchise Business 81

Restrictions on What the Franchisee May Sell 82

Renewal, Termination, Transfer and Dispute Resolution 83

Public Figures 95

Financial Performance Representations 96

Outlets and Franchisee Information…, ; 108

Finaneial Statements 127

Contracts; :, 159

Receipts……: 160

Dunkin’ Donuts Store Development Agreement (SDA) 162

DD/BR Combo Store Development Agreement 172

Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise Agreement 182

DD/BR Combo Franchise Agreement 204

Conditional Option(s) to Extend 227

DD Select Developing Markets Incentive 229

DD MI & OH (excluding Cleveland & Youngstown) Incentive 231

DD California Incentive 234

DD Incentive for Limited Markets in New York, Maine or as Designated 236

DD Military Veterans Development Incentive 237

C-l. NCB Guaranty Agreement 238

C-2. NCB Security Agreement 246

C-3. DCC Master Equipment Financing Agreement 257

Sublease 261

Lease of Land (for use with Contract for Development and Construction) 274

Option to Assume (Franchisee’s) Lease 285

Lease Option Agreement 287

Rider to Contract for Sale 301

Agreement to Transfer by the Sale of Assets 321

Agreement to Transfer by the Sale of Stock 334

Offer Letter 347

H. Parficipant Agreement 354

LL Contract for Sale (BrokerageTransaetions) 356

12. Contract for Sale(Corporate Developed Restaurants 368

L Termination Agreement 379

K General Release 382

L Temporary Operating Agreement 384

M. IntranetTermsofUse 386

N Addition oflnterest 392

O. Assignment ofFranchise Agreement 396

R. Product Supplier Consent Agreement 401

Q ARCD Development Agreement 409

R. Contract for Development and Construction 420

S. Remodel Incentive Offer for Select MarketsinNewYork and Maine 440

T. Lease Guarantee Pee Agreement 443

AppendlxIA ListofRegisteredAgents 447

Appendix LB Oireetory of Administ^ive Agencies 448

Appendix!! Listoflnternationai Affiliates 449

AppeodixH! Sehednles/AddendaBNotiees Required by Various States 45i

Appendix IV Operating MannalTable of Contents 461

AppendixVA OMAList 492

AppendixVB Region List 50i

Appendix VI-A ListofCnrrentOnnkin’Donuts RestanrantFranebisees 508

Appendix VLB ListofFormer Dunkin’Donuts RestaurantFranebisees ; ^7 .; 614

Appendix VILA ListofCurrentDD/BR Combo Restaurant Franchisees^ 621

Appendix VILB List ofFormer DD/BR Combo RestaurantFrancbisees :B 642

Appendix VIII OuaranteeofRerformancebyDB Franchising HoIdingCompany LLC 648

Item 23: Receipts 649