McDonald’s Franchise Disclosure Document

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McDonald’s 2018 FDD Download

View the official McDonald’s FDD for 2018. Download the complete McDonald’s Franchise Disclosure Document for detailed information on the McDonald’s fast food franchise costs, fees, training, litigation and more. The McDonald’s FDD sells elsewhere for $199+.


McDonald’s USA Franchise FDD Report

Franchisor McDonald’s USA, LLC
Franchise Opportunity McDonald’s
Document Type Franchise Disclosure Document
Pages 371
Year 2019

By reviewing the McDonald’s franchise disclosure document you’ll find important information about buying, owning and operating McDonald franchises.  In the McDonald’s USA FDD/UFOC you’ll find answers to common questions asked by potential franchisees, including the following.

How Much Does a McDonald’s Franchise Cost

The total investment necessary to open your own McDonald’s franchise ranges from $1,000,708 to $2,335,146.

What is the initial franchise fee for starting a McDonald’s business?

To start your own McDonald’s franchise, an initial franchise fee of $45,000 must be paid to the franchisor McDonald’s USA,.'S_2015_FDD.pdf