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Bad customer service

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I was at the Burger King in Faribault, MN drive through on 10/22.  First the employee taking the order didn’t acknowledge there was anyone waiting to order for a few minutes.  When I said hello, her reply was “hold on”.  Next I went to place my order and asked for the sandwiches to be cut in half, which they normally do.  Her response was “we can’t do that”, “we don’t have anything to cut it with”.  My reply was ” you don’t have a knife?” .  Her response was “anyways”.  She repeated the order and when I tried to correct it to what I had ordered, she argued with me,  saying what I had ordered was wrong.  She was pretty rude and I ended up cancelling the order.  I have never had an employee that was that rude before and it created a bad experience and caused me to take my business elsewhere since I did not want to have to argue with the employee.

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