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called to complain about order and manager ended up hanging up on me

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This was my first visit to Popepye’s Louisiana Kitchen (#5671)

3317 Bardstown Rd., Louisville KY  40218 – 502-459-3770

Order 46 – Wed. Aug 12, 2020 – 4:08 pm – Drive Thru.

I had a coupon for $9.95 which is a great deal for 8 pieces of chicken, one of the reasons I thought I would try it.  I asked the young ladywho took my order if I would receive 2 pieces of each type chicken and she replied, yes.  When I got home found that I had 3 breasts, 3 wings and 2 legs –  no thighs.  The reason I had asked was because my husband only likes thighs.

I called the location and asked if I was speaking to the manager or assistant manager.  He said yes, I did not get his name.  I told him what had occurred and said I was not happy.  He said “you have to remember you are dealing with children”. I replied I had asked specifically about the pieces of chicken and he said again, “I am very sorry but you are dealing with children”.  I said at least he could relay what happened to the person who took my order.  He said again, I am very sorry but you cannot be mad at a child – and he hung up on me.

I was upset but not in a tirade or anything – just think you should relay to this manager that he could have handled this a better way.

Thank you for your time.    Donna Borders, 5424 Westhall Avenue, Louisville, Ky  40214   502-807-4463


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