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Charged twice on credit card

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Went to Taco Bell 034918, 1560 N Verrado Way, Buckeye AZ 85396 on 9/8/21, Cashier: Andrew H @ 3:33:09pm. I noticed on my Credit Card transactions I was charged twice in the amount of $22.87. I contacted Taco Bell on 9/9/21 @ approximately 12:00pm,  Spoke to Madison she said there was nothing they can do I need to contact my bank a dispute it. I asked to talk to a Manager Jen came on the phone she to0 said there wasn’t anything they can do to contact my bank and file a dispute. This is creating more work for me being this wasn’t my error. I asked who she reported to, her reply was “No one”  she doesn’t answer to anyone. She told me to contact the Taco Bell Franchise.  Isn’t there a simpler way to get the charges corrected?  I have contacted the credit card company they can’t see the transaction I did for 9/8/21 yet and have to call back.

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