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Customer Service

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Dear Management,

This franchise owner & her site manager needs to be aware of this issue,  address it and train on her, Jazmine, on what is expected as a customer service rep.

I went to the Dunkin at 1587 Long Pond Road at 4:38 PM Thursday, Oct. 29th with my grand-daughter. Purchased two of the spider doughnuts. The girl at the drive thru window, Jazmine, had an extremely negative tone when I asked why the price was different on Tuesday and I had purchased the same items?

Immediately she lashed out with a tone that was extremely condescending & arrogant and told me that there’s an up charge because there are two donuts to make that doughnut. Then responded, “I don’t know what to tell you this is the price. As this bantering continued she closed the drive thru window on me while I was talking. I was telling her that I’m the customer and you’re speaking to me like that. I asked her name and she starts shaking the tag on her shirt and says, “Are you blind?” None of this conversation with this girl was calm.

Another young man asked what’s going on, when he was there throughout this whole ordeal and Jazmine shouts out, “She doesn’t like the price.”

Mind you he was present along with my 10 year old grand-daughter witnessing her unprofessional rant and comments.

I told her that I would contact the corporate office with a complaint of the incident and she shrugged it off with a condescending smirk like ‘Whatever’

This employee needs to be reprimanded for her actions and should not be in front and working with customers with her attitude. She also needs to be reminded that she doesn’t know whom she’s speaking to. I could have been an inspector or someone with a lot of clout. I’m sure the owner wants to keep their business.

I would appreciate no response to this email if you’re going to extend an apology and let this be shoved under the rug, Sorry I don’t need to hear that from anyone. It needs to be addressed and she needs to be removed from working with customers until she’s trained properly. If she went off on me for asking why I was charged a different price two days before I’m sure I’m not the only customer that has experienced her ignorance.

This was an extremely negative experience, to say the least, and needed to be told to upper management.

If you need to speak with me I would be glad too.

Thank for your time in dealing with this issue.




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