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Fraud and lack of support

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You don’t seem to have Honor Yoga but I am a past franchise owner and they should not be allowed to continue selling franchises.  Most studios were unprofitable prior to covid and many have folded in the last year.  Of course this is not all the franchisors fault, but I don’t believe their FDD is accurate (at least last years financials were not).  Since they don’t list specific studios there is almost no way to give specifics, but knowing most of the franchise owners, the numbers were  definitely inflated.  I am one that filed bankruptcy and would like to ensure they are reporting accurately to prospective franchisors.  So many have just walked away I can’t believe they are allowed to continue to sell territories.

In addition, the CEO is not experienced enough in business. Never owned his own. Was never more than a middle level manager and has no grasp of profit.  The owner is all about revenue.  She could care less of profit as well.

The business is small so no one is paying for name recognition.  So we paid for assistance which in the last 2 year (even prior to covid) was zilch! Horribly run franchise.

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