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Poor customer service

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Wendy’s in Orland Park, Illinois not adhering to mandatory mask order.   Dining room is not open so you can only go through the drive thu.  Employees are always getting the orders wrong.  If you ask for fresh food, they give you reheated food, so then it is hard and barely edible.  I had a plan crispy chicken sandwich.  The paper they used to wrap my sandwich looked re-used and has something red all over it.  I didn’t eat the sandwich, because I was unsure what that could have been.  Besides the paper was very very wrinkled.  It’s really a shame the way your food is prepared when you go through the drive thru.  I try to support the restaurants during the pandemic, but the employees make it really difficult.  Do you job correctly and the fix the food RIGHT!!!

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