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One of the best ways to thoroughly research a franchise or get your product or service into regional and national restarant chains is to contact franchisees that own more than one franchise such as Potbelly Sandwich. By contacting current franchise owners and asking about their experience with the franchised business, the earnings and/or success thus far, training and support from the franchisor, Potbelly Franchising LLC, and whether or not they would buy the franchise again if they could do it all over again, you can learn what it’s really like to own a Potbelly Sandwich Works business before you actually purchase a franchise. It’s also a good idea to reach out to at least a few former Potbelly Sandwich franchisees to find out why they left or were terminated from the franchise system.

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The difficult part of this step of the franchise buying due diligence process lies in obtaining a current list of Potbelly Sandwich franchise owners. That’s why we put together this complete mailing/telemarketing list containing contact the names, phone numbers and physical addresses of business owners in the franchise system and certain former franchise operators. It’s the easiest way to get honest reviews from franchisees that have already invested in the franchise opportunities you’re considering buying.

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