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Rude disrespectful store manager refused to do his job.

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I recently had bad experience with the Dominos pizza in Washington Illinois. I ordered some food Wednesday night August 5 around 9:20 PM and after about 45 minutes to an hour it never showed up so I called the store and they said they had already delivered it. Nobody knocked on my door to let me know it had been delivered and they delivered it to a different part of the apartment building that I live in not my apartment door itself in fact it was in front of a broom closet on a cold tile floor for about an hour before I found it needless to say it was cold. I found the store bag and ask them to replace my order and they refused unless they charged me again the kid at the store did nothing but argue with me on the phone that he knocked on the door and he actually didn’t because I was home and nobody knocked. Rather than arguing on the phone I grab the food and I took it to the Domino’s Pizza on Washington Road in Washington Illinois and asked to have my order replaced he refused it unless I paid for it instead of arguing with him I asked him to credit my debit card and take the food that I brought and throw it in the garbage for me he refused to take the food back and every time I try to hand it to him through the window he kept pushing it back towards me. After that I felt that he was going to hit me through the window. I can return back up and as I backed up he slammed the window in my face I don’t know if he was trying to slam it on my hand which is in the window at the time as I was trying to give him back the food that I ordered or not but he acted very unprofessional he was rude he was disrespectful and it took five days for my debit card to get credited. The police were involved eventually. Monday morning August 12 I spoke to a local police officer to tell him my side of the story as to what happened now I’m just waiting. Needless to say I’m very disappointed in my experience with that store not only do they not knock on my door when they arrived they put my pizza in front of the door of another apartment in another part of the building but yet he kept arguing with me that he delivered it rather than catering to the customer with a complaint he just made the situation worse when he had a cocky attitude and was very rude and disrespectful.  The address to the Washington store is Washington Street and Washington Illinois. I filled out my survey they automatically sent them to my email to tell about my experience and I also went online to Domino’s Pizza customer service and filed a complaint there as well hopefully the situation gets resolved I’ve worked on pizza places numerous times when I was younger and I know if I treated a customer that way I would’ve lost my job immediately. Very disappointing.

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