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Rude Manager

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I go to this Carl’s Jr store number 1100873 located at 32-250 Dat Palm Dr Cathedral City, CA 92234  3-5 times a week. This particular incident occurred on 9/28/2020 at 4:21 pm. Having eaten breakfast the day before at the same location. I went back to pick up some food. I have been doing this consistently,  as this is the only fast food restaurant I go to due to the quality of the food. I decided to use the coupon, since I had taken the survey on, located on the back of  my receipt. I went to the drive thru and ordered 2 plain double thickburgers. I had previously taken advantage of this offer before. So, having little disposable income, these coupons help immensely. When I arrived at the drive thru window, the cashier told me she couldn’t accept the coupon. Even though it PLAINLY states Buy 1 at regular price, Get 1 FREE, breakfast, burger, or other sandwich. She went and got the Mgr. Her name was ‘YAHIRA’  Figuring the other employee didn’t know how to do this transaction, YAHIRA came to the register to enter the coupon as well.  She told me that the coupon was not valid for a double burger. I explained to her, I had never had a problem before. I told her the Manager in previous instances had no issue or problem with complying with what the coupon stated. She proceeded to tell me that it’s not for a double burger. Yet she then said, if I wanted a Superstar double, I could do that. I told her I didn’t want that. I wanted what I ordered. That it SPECIFICALLY SAID BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!! She then rang me up for 2 single thickburgers with 2 additional meat patties. And it would $12.68. I asked her would she pay that having the coupon I had. She responded I don’t know. I can’t give you what you ordered. This was the worst experience I have ever had at this location. Let alone any other location. How dare YOUR MANAGER, tell me she can’t honor a coupon I had, after taking the survey giving great reviews. She needs to be retrained in how to talk to customers with respect. Its obvious she was in the wrong. And I expect a call or email to rectify this situation. Sincerely, Louie Gonzalez 760 534-7118. Email:

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