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Store attendant refuse to serve me and told me to “Get out of the store”

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On Thrusday evening, August 12, 2021,  approximately 3;45pm, I entered The 7 Eleven  store located 22611 Northline Rd. Taylor Mi 48180. Where I have been playing my lottories numbers  for several years, I attempted to hand the employee behind the counter my numbers, he immediately and rudely, yell, put them on a slip,  I simply reminded him I play my numbers morning,  and evening, no one had ever told me to write them on the slip, and it was not posted, he than told me to “Get Out” of the store, he was not going to take my numbers. Remind you, there was a young lady in the back of the store, he could have easily waited on me. I felt humiliated, embarrassed, disrespected,  discriminated against. No none should be treated that way, especially in a public store, that service the community. I feel this person should be fired, after he apologize to me. Thank you. Velma Stribling, 313-300-2825

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