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Took over 2.5 years to get my prepaid glasses and contacts

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Do not go her! Ever! Repeat NEVER go here.
I got an eye exam and oordered glasses and contacts. My mom died and I had an appt I missed and when I came in the dr was very rude and said “next time just call. “Wt? I prepaid for glasses and contacts. Over 2.5 years I go no glasses-no contacts (let me revise ) after 2.25 YEARS finally just said forget it give me what you have. Although working with them and going there over 40 times- gave them each a $25.00 for coffee. And then they all started getting weird as I would if I had a client waiting over 2.5 years-NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. The dr. – owner – and Justin the employment would rush by without saying anything. So I have 3 pair of glasses. ZERO work properly. I was sent contacts (after trying on at least 10 different contact try’s. The contacts were sent to me as individual lenses not in a pack. I wasted 2 whole years of NOT using my benefits which I am sure they got their insurance. The dr should have gotten nothing for she was acting like it was my fault.

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