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Awful owner

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  • http://I previously worked for one of your exxon stores. I loved my job working with the public but not working for the owner. He was VERY rude and made me feel stupid because of the way he talked to me and treated me. He had me crying repeatedly the day i quit. Now for the nect problem. We always get paid on Friday between 12 and 1 its 2:30 now and i have went to the store twice plus called the owner. No check yet..just alot of excuses. I went into the store and his wife starts talking RUDE to me. VERY loudly saying WHY just WHY you done wrong you should have done this and done that… Well i quit 5 days ago due to HER husband talking down to me and embarrassing me in front of cutomers, which is EXACTLY THE SAME THING SHE JUST DONE TO ME*** WHEN ALL I DONE WAS WENT INTO THE STORE AND SAID I NEED TO PICK UP MY CHECK.**  This store CAN NOT KEEP EMPLOYEES!! AND THE OWNER WONDERS WHY…  ITS PUTTING A BAD BAD NAME ON EXXON AS WELL. NOW IM GOING TO GO BACK IN A HOUR TO PICK UP MY CHECK AND IF ITS NOT THERE IM TAKING LEGAL ACTION.on.  Exon Troutman NC
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