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Biased treatment at drive thru window

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Burger King drive through, Ellwood City Pa….Manager in drive thru window, after placing my order, would not allow more than two coupons per order. We had two separate orders, but three coupons per order. He said i had to go inside to place an order. This is during Covid! I was with my 85 yr old mother. So i said forget the order. what sm i suppose to tell two kids they arent going to eat because i wasn’t allowed to get their order? Waited behind two cars to leave drive thru without my order. Decided i could go through drive thru two separate times to get a complete order. Ordered again, manager said if i go thru again he would deny letting me order. I asked for a manager, he was quite happy, smug and satisfied to inform me that he was the manager. I had to wait thru tgree cars, second time to get out of drive through without my order. By now im shaking, mad, upset but i go inside and talk to the manager above the smug manager. I asked if i could have drive n around twice for my order per what other manager wouldn’t let me…he said yes..

So much for customer service, customer suggestion for solution.

I will never, never, never go there ever again.

There was no one behind me second time i went thru drive thru second time so it wasn’t a rush hour too.

He took happy memories and destroyed a special day too. I’ve never been so upset in all my life.

I did survey on back of receipt, no one ever contacted me by phone or email and got a code for a free whopper sandwich…A big slap in the face. I can’t be bought for the horrible experience.

Guess if i had ordered Five dinners without coupons my order would have been filled.

They should post a sign at drive thru so i wouldn’t have wasted my time

Bk should quit giving coupons if they don’t want you to use them.

I feel discriminated against managers own rule that he wouldn’t allow me to go thru drive thru twice under his two coupon per order rule.

I hate Burger King. I hate the memory about ruining our special day out with my mother.

I’ve been a faithful customer for many years and have spent anywhere from $26 to $35 a week in orders….never again

I only want manager to not treat others as he has treated me. There’s no excuse for denying me to drive thru twice.

I would accept an apology from him. Or to see him demoted or fired.

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