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Not to be trusted

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Not to be trusted!!!!!  Have you seen all the franchise owner reviews???  Unkept promises, lack of support –  turning their backs on clients when they needed them the most.  Now it makes complete sense, that “ Experimac “ (who had to re-brand themselves as “Experimax” because even Apple sued them, for marketing the “Mac” brand in their name. They steal – not only trademarks – but also their clients money – who then in turn allow their clients stores to steal your equipment (being serviced) and shrug their shoulders- telling you “sorry that happened, but the guy who took your daughters MacBook Pro for repair, doesn’t actually work for us – he was a subcontractor”  And we are just supposed to accept that?  Who cares?  This year has not only brought out the lowest of low times for some Americans, and then to be “kicked while down” by this business owners response- is utterly disgusting.

I tried to get in touch with United Franchise Group #UFG  (owners of the “Experimax“ brand) – only to be ignored.

Its my daughters 1st year of college (which went 100% online due to Covid Pandemic) so she’s having to use a tablet for her classes and coursework.  They didn’t care – just shrugged and ignored.  The store is now closed down, and I’m out $2,600 – shrug.  This is the worst possible situation to be in with a company – who doesn’t give a second thought about taking care of their clients or their clients customers.   Karma will get them, just DONT let them get you first!   Sorry for all the clients/franchise owners, who also got screwed out of money because of Experimax’s unsound business practices.

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