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Hours of Operation

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The Dunkin Donuts at the top of East Main Street in front of BJs Wholesale Club, in Torrington CT 06790 does not keep regular hours.  Prior to the COVID 19 Pandemic, the lobby was open until at least 10 or 11 PM.  Since all the other stores in the area returned to their normal operating hours, I would have thought that Dunkin Donuts would return to it’s normal hours.  I know the drive thru is open 24 hours, but my wife and I always like to go to Dunkin Donuts in the evening to have a coffee and either a pastry or and sandwich.  Well with three people inside working or pretending to work, (dancing, smoking, and basically waiting only on the drive thru with the occasional customer, they never went back to their original evening hours.  They are closing at 8 PM most nights.  Depending on who is working, we have gone there at 7 PM or 7:30 PM and found the lobby door locked and the employees pretend they do not see you standing outside.  You spent a lot of money on renovations on this Dunkin Donuts in November 2020, for what?  The employees with long hair, men and women, no longer wear hair coverings or even wash their hands or use gloves.  With three people working in the evening, you would think they could wipe down the tables between customers especially during this pandemic.  But nope, place looks like a dump, including the restrooms.  This is the worst run Dunkin Donuts we have ever been to and it appears it is going down the hill in cleanliness and service.  If you are not going to keep regular lobby hours, you might as well close this location!  I will be following up with the Torrington Health District concerning no hair coverings, smoking by the employees inside the store and cleanliness.  You have one male employee with long green hair, who plays loud rock music in the back room that drowns out any conversation you could be having with friends.  Apparently this store has no Manager, though we did speak with someone who said he was the Assistant Manager, long blond hair, no Dunkin Donuts clothing, no head covering and playing grab ass with the 16 year old workers.  I know in Connecticut, on school nights, high school students need working papers and they cannot work past 10 PM on school nights.  So I guess you have no problem violating CT State Labor Laws either!  As I stated, I will be following up this complaint with the CT Labor Department and the Torrington Health District, because what is going on there is ridiculous and a danger to some of the female high school students, not only in sexual harassment and in illegal working hours.  CT has not changed any laws related to the Pandemic, you are to clean your rest rooms and the tables between customers and it would be especially nice if the employees who are emptying trash or mopping floors, washed their hands before they touched the customers sandwiches or donuts.  Absentee management has ruined this Dunkin Store for all of us, but with all of the violations, maybe that is what is needed to keep a manager at the store and employees who clearly are turning customers away because of what we have seen, heard and experienced.  With three employees working, I think you could easily keep normal lobby hours!

Dr and Mrs. Terrence Ryan

Torrington CT 06790


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