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The whole store is a disaster

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New store location in Canton Texas !

The store was dirty, the floor was sticky, the customer counter was dirty, there was food on the floor in the food prep area and visual to us from the front counter ! There were food containers sitting outside the refrigerated make table !  There was one employee running the drive up and then she came to the front counter to take our order, then she got our drinks and then she went to prep area and made our food !  The manager appeared prior to us placing our order, scolded the worker for taking a $100 dollar bill and told the worker twice do not take big bills without checking with her first .  The manager told her they only give her around $100 daily for her register !  This all happened while we were standing in front of the counter waiting to place our order. After the manager gave the worker the change she looked at us and said she will get your order in a minute and then the manager turned and walked off !  This store needs serious HELP !!

It is a total disaster, the food was the worst of any Burger King I have ever eaten !

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