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Lack of/shoddy workmanship – Broke my working washer beyond repair

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I called Mr. Appliance in Lima as my dryer needed repaired and I just wanted my washer looked at because occasionally it would miss a final spin cycle.  They sent a technician out to diagnose the problem ($99)  and told my husband it would be $909.00 to repair the dryer and put new parts in the washer.  Based on the tech’s recommendation, we went ahead with the repairs.

What actually happened was my washer was not repair, but totally broken and was told it was irreparable and left in pieces as it would no longer work.  My dryer “repair”  when I turned it on it clanked loudly and would continue to run for a minute or so after you pushed the stop button.

I would never recommend having this place repair anything as their workmanship lacks greatly.  I am in discussions as to what needs to happen to resolve these issues.  I had to go out and buy a new washer as mine would no longer work and my dryer I am waiting on them to come back with the other part and repair.

I had to pay this company up front for them to break my washer and not repair my dryer correctly.



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