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Rude & Non compliant

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Coming from one local owner to another. This is my 3rd time in a row going to pick up “car side delivery” all three times they have made me go in and pick up my orders every time I tell the manager”, he says they are just to busy for that. I waited about 45 min in my car today with three children inside waiting for my order it never came. I finally decided to go inside and they didn’t even have my order done. I had to wait another 30 min for my order to be done. I feel this is is obsurd if there not going to have it then why offer dominoes car side. I feel you should know what is going on at your “franchise” I get it if it happens once in a while but honestly every time if gone it’s the same thing. I am taking time out of my day for this. It needs to get fixed. Please don’t  take what was just said lightly. It can affect a business negatively.

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