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Rudeness at 7-11 Store located in Hampton, VA Store location Woodland Road at Corner of Andrews Blvd

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I recently visited the 7-11 store  on Woodland Road at corner of Andrews Blvd in Hampton VA around 6:30 – 7:30 p.m, Saturday evening.. .  The store was not busy and I decided to buy  a lottery ticket.  I asked the young man behind the counter what lottery ticket was playing that evening (Power Ball or Mega Million) and he answered (” I seldom play the lottery”).  At first I did not understand him, so I asked again, he replied I do not play the Lottery. So I asked if he was too young to play or sell tickets or something of that nature, and told him I wanted to play.  After some further wording ( no cursing or loudness)  He then left me standing at the counter and proceeded to next customer in line.  I informed him that he had not finished with my request. He turned around and asked me a question as to what did I say or something similar to that.  I was completely taken back  and asked him his name.  A lady by the name of Nancy  told me his name was Angel and  finally waited on me.  (She apologized for his rudeness)

My complaint is:  This young man by the only name given (Angel)  represents your company – a rude employee can ruin your business.  I was not interest in his beliefs, I wanted to purchase something from your store.  He represents your company.  A person who works in a public setting should know the answer or be able to obtain the answer to any  valid question  asked.  Apparently, this young man needs additional training in dealing with the public.   We, the older generation need to train our young people the proper procedures in dealing with customers.  Never should a salesperson overlook a valid request.  All he had to do was inform me that he did not know and then asked the other employee for help or direct me to the information booth.

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