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Rude staff including Manager who identified herself as Asia, Mask not properly worn, Yells at customers.

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Berwyn  Heights, Md . store has the most rude employees in any pizza store i have frequented. I ordered pizza and explained the time I would pick it up to the male worker that answered the phone. When I arrived I was told the order was ready an hour and a half before I got there. When I asked for fresh pizza, the Manager, she said her name was Asia, rudely, yelling told me I had to leave the store, and come back in 15 mins as she literally slapped the pizza dough down on the counter. The staffs mask were worn with noses exposed, and when they spoke their mask fell lower around their faces. When I asked that the order be cancelled I was told if I did not pay for the ordered pizza which I had not received my phone number would be blocked and I would no longer be able to order from them again. All their tones and voices were loud and threatening. NEVER GO THERE, if you have another choice. The manager stood by while her staff yelled insulting and threatening remarks. Not a Good Place to go.

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