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Snap-On Tools Pushed me out of my own business after investing 100’s of thousands of dollars!!

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A Snap-on franchise I would run from not walk! You are controlled by Snap-On on how and when to run your business. There is constant interference from many levels of management as well.(FPT). They charge your “statement” without notice of things they say you purchased and then get you into a spot you cant work your way out. There is constant intimidation from the VP to Business Managers. This is a old boys club filled with 30-40 years old’s that have never run a franchise but know everything there is about running a franchise. The problem lies high up. Snap-On franchisees are people that bought a business but really just work for Snap-On. When managers are making 6 figure incomes and full benefits up the wazoo there is something wrong!! Franchises like myself was just trying to make my next mortgage payment with shitty benefits I couldn’t even use. As a franchisee I was left after being pushed out of the system owing tens of thousand of dollars to Snap-On. Snap-On and its management threaten you better buy more and push you to the brink of bankruptcy. In the end they always win. The existing Franchise owner is left in ruins. So for those that are thinking of it. DONT. They will promise you the world and not see one manager for years leaving you to your devices.
Very bitter and angry that after trusting this company with my future I am left with nothing and mortgaged my home twice and threatened if I don’t leave legal with rip me apart. How do you fight against a multi-billion dollar company? You don’t you leave with losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Its real shame that a franchise based company like Snap-On just feeds on people and throws them out after they cant bleed them for more!!
Left very angry and sad that I cant provide for my family now and I have to sell my family home!!
I don’t care who you are that is not right.
Move on and but please be aware of this franchise.
If anyone can learn from my pain then at least its not all in vain.
I wont be the first or the last one Snap-On devastates but the company knows full well what’s happening and they do absolutely nothing to help a franchisee they have pushed to the edge,,, except push them over.
The look in my wife and children’s eyes when we had to give up Snap-On is devastating. While the management are taking 6-8 weeks of vacations plus and making six figure plus plus a year and you as a franchisee like myself will be packing up your family home because they have utterly destroyed you.
That’s my story..

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