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To Whom It May Concern:

Yesterday, 6/8/2021, I came through the drive through of the Litchfield, Il KFC at apx. 7:45 PM.  I was the only vehicle in line at the time.  I was asked to pull forward to the sidewalk.  Thought it was a little odd but OK.  Looking down the sidewalk waiting for someone to come out, I noticed in my side view mirror the woman who took my order and gave me my drink through the drive through window, was climbing out that same window.  Frankly I thought I was seeing things and would not have expected to see something like this.  When she approached my vehicle with my food, I asked her if she just climbed out the drive through window to which she said yes.  Sitting in disbelief, I saw her walk back to the drive through window and climb back in.  I am sure that there was at least one door that worked as I pulled around to the other side of the building to meet my wife and saw two men walking to the dumpster.

I did not see this woman’s name tag but she has dark (black maybe) hair and repeatedly called me “hun”.  She appears to be young, maybe late teens or 20’s.

I stop by this KFC multiple times a month as I travel.  The food is good but I am concerned now that I saw an employee put their feet and backside on the same surface that my food sits on.  While the food is in a bag, the appearance is not a good one for a professional food service  business and I am sure is at least one health code violation as well as an OSHA violation.   I am leery of returning to this store.

Today, 6/9/2021, I called the store and asked for the manager.  The person who answered said she was the manager and then said “hun”.  I explained what happened and there seemed to be zero shock or concern about my experience.  She asked no questions or expressed no concern about my experience.  I would expect that a manager would at least express some disappointment.  This is why I think the person who climbed out the window and the person I talked to today was one in the same.  If she indeed is a manager, as she claimed, then the situation is worse than I had thought.  If this is the way management functions at this KFC then indeed I am even more leery of returning to this location.  I will more than likely will not dine at this location again as well as informing my friends and family of my experience.

Please note I do not want anything other than to see the situation corrected.

If someone would like to contact me, my name is Jeff Metheny 815-319-1332.









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