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The worker put coffee instead of hot chocolate in the cup and my 7 year old grandson drank it all.

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I am MORE than angry right now! This mcDonalds at Desert Foothills Parkway and Chandler Blvd in Phoenix has ALWAYS screwed up orders but this is unforgivable! I am LIVID! I took my grandson there before school ( he is in 2nd grade!)  for a treat of hot chocolate- they put coffee in the cup and he drank it all- I just got a call from the school I have to pick him up he has stomach upset and his heart is racing- I CANNOT CONVEY HOW ANGRY IAM RIGHT NOW! I will pursue further action as I await your response. There is NO reason this should have occurred. As a matter of fact I told the girl at the register that I was getting it for my grandson. I am beyond upset. This is not brain surgery, but it IS important that you give correct service. This is a real problem. Contact me at 480-773-3446 and My name is Beth. While you have lost another customer this issue is not over.

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