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Best and Worst Fitness Franchises for Sale

what is best fitness franchise to own
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If you’re thinking of starting a Fitness franchise you should be asking yourself, What are the best and worst fitness franchise opportunities? 

To answer this question the franchise due diligence team at examined Small Business Association (SBA) loans associated with the different fitness franchises for sale in order to determine which fitness franchises have the highest SBA load default rate and which have the lowest.  A high SBA load default rate is indicative of a bad fitness franchise to own while a low SBA default rate is indicative of a good fitness franchise to own.

Here’s what we found.

Fitness Franchise Opportunities Ranked by SBA Loan Default Rate
Franchise BrandFailure %
1Planet Fitness0.00%
2Anytime Fitness8.00%
4Snap Fitness12.00%
5Little Gym17.00%
6Gold’s Gym19.00%
7Fitness for Life Franchise Corp21.05%
8Curves for Women22.00%
9Fitness Together28.00%
10World Gym & Fitness Center28.57%
11My Gym53.00%
12Velocity Sports Performance57.89%

We can look at the SBA loan default figures outlined in the list above to determine which fitness franchises for sale are the top performing and which are the worst performing.

Is this all you need to identify  the best and worst fitness franchises to buy?

No.  While a fitness franchise’s SBA loan default rate is an excellent KPI to keep track of when doing due diligence on franchise opportunities prior to investing, it’s only one of a handful of factors that any that any franchise buyer should take into account when looking for a Fitness Franchise to Own.

Other important factors to take into consideration when investigating franchises to buy include success rates of franchise owners, franchisee feedback and complaints, franchise fees and royalties, franchisor’s marketing and advertising assistance, and many more.’s comprehensive franchise buying due diligence report provides a detailed look into the most important franchise information and documentation for franchise buyers. 

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