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Paid for product not received in a DoorDash order. Manager blamed DoorDash and was not interested in resolving the issue

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Placed an order through DoorDash with Arby’s South Leonard Rd in St Joseph, Missouri. I ordered a Double Arby’s roast beef with tomato, red sauce and onion. I requested a packet of their Horsey Sauce, not received. I also ordered a loaded curly fries, not received. I ordered a large Dr Pepper, no straw or napkins sent. I called the restaurant to complain about not receiving but paying for the loaded fries. I was talking to “Ruthie” the manager. She says I don’t know what to do about it call DoirDash. It was NOT DoorDash’s problem that Arby’s did not get the order right. Manager knew nothing and was not interested in resolving the problem so I paid for product not received !

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