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Lack of accountability, integrity, honesty by gym representative.

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Due to COVID, I lost my income, so I cancelled my membership in person at my location in Hadley, MA. There were two reps at the counter and said it was simple and done. I thought it was great that it was so easy.

Less than a month later, I was billed the monthly fee again. I returned to the gym and spoke to a different person at the counter. At first, She said it looked like I was cancelled and that I would need to bring proof from my bank that I had been billed again. She found my account and another person’s account with the same name and determined that the other person’s account had been cancelled, not mine. I asked if I could cancel my membership again and have the $22 fee reimbursed because of my financial situation. She said she’d have to talk to her manager about the reimbursement. I asked why there would be a problem if the gym had made the mistake with confusing the two memberships all this time. She now said that she is the manager and would not reimburse me because it was my mistake. When I asked how it was my mistake, she said if I hadn’t spelled my name wrong when I got the account, it wouldn’t have happened. None of this made sense to me. When I asked to be connected to someone above her, a manager or the franchise owner, she said she is the only manager (contradicting her earlier statement), and that I was free to send an email through the website to customer service. When I asked for her first and last name, she said she would only give me her first name. When I asked her for the name of a senior level manager, she said she would not give me that information. She did send a document to my email confirming that my membership is now cancelled, and on that document is her first and last name, D’ahnee Smith. I don’t understand this management style, or why she refused to provide the name of senior level management for a corporation of this size, or why she would said she would have to check with management but then say she was management, or why I would be held accountable for Planet Fitness’ mistake in confusing two member accounts. But especially, I don’t understand why she would refuse a $22 refund during a time when many no longer have a solid income.

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